The charity is looking for new members to promote inclusive design and accessibility in Scotland

Disability charity Disability Equality Scotland held a webinar on 1 November 2022 to seek new members to join the new Access Panel in Moray, Scotland to promote inclusive design and accessibility in the region .

Disability Equality Scotland is a membership organization for people with disabilities and disabled people’s groups/organisations, working to make life more accessible, equal and inclusive for people with disabilities.

It is the umbrella organization for all Disability Access Panels in Scotland, providing them with support and advice to improve the lives of people with disabilities at grassroots level across Scotland.

The webinar covered the typical job of an access panel, as well as what being on a panel might look like, including the different roles offered.

Information provided by the Access Panel is used to help advocate and enable change to improve lives when meeting with key decision makers responsible for ensuring equality and human rights with policy and law .

Panel members have the opportunity to learn new skills, help with promotional campaigns, provide support at events, and help with research and publicity.

Volunteers may be people with disabilities, representatives of disabled people’s organizations, or others interested in accessibility, or have experience that they can bring to the group, which increases its ability to work effectively and have the opportunity to meet new people, learn new skills and raise awareness of the challenges of people’s daily lives, regardless of their disability.

To find out more about the Access Panel network and how to join a local Access Panel, contact Disability Equality Scotland by phone: 0141 370 0968 or email: [email protected]

As the charity is involved in a variety of key topics, the Disability Equality Scotland website offers a series of easy-to-access online information centers which provide information, resources, case studies and news .

Some of the topics covered by the hubs include: accessible travel; provision of articles and information on accessible transport; and Inclusive Design, which aims to raise awareness and encourage the adoption of inclusive design and inclusive communication, by providing tools and guidance on how to make information accessible.

The charity is also involved in other areas of disability advocacy, for example, on behalf of the Scottish Government, Disability Equality Scotland administers the distribution of face covering exemption cards for situations where some people do not cannot, or it would be inappropriate for them, to wear a face covering.

Disability Equality Scotland is also working with transport providers and partners to launch a National Hate Crime Charter, which aims to encourage transport providers, members of the public and other services to support a zero-tolerance approach to hate crimes.

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