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By Lauren Schiavone

Weekly Hometown Staff

The Westwood Public Library held a craft session on card making on September 19.

Reference librarian Corinne Coveney guided the artisans to a table with a plethora of materials to choose from. Artisans selected from the variety of card stock, colored pencils and paints to create a sentimental work of art for friends and loved ones. Coveney also benefited from a Cricut machine, a coveted crafter’s tool that makes any project easier, for cutting out seasonal and custom shapes from card stock.

Coveney emphasized the message of sharing sentimental moments with others: “I love this idea of ​​having time to write someone and say ‘I was thinking of you and wanted to send you a map.'”

Some opted to paint a window scene, using watercolors to create a picturesque view or a gentle autumn view; when paired with a Cricut cutout of a window, the extra dimension adds an extra element to the artwork. Others incorporated a string that held a banner to the card for a message like “good fall” or “thinking of you”. Both designs were great starting points for inspiring sparks to fly.

“I wanted to give adults a chance to have fun and be creative,” Coveney observed. “Sometimes people don’t necessarily know how to unleash their creativity, so I want to give everyone a chance to play, to use color. Children have a lot of craft time, and I want everyone have that.

The laid-back afternoon vibe provided the perfect opportunity for people to unwind and connect with their imaginative side.

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