Dragunov Stamps Authority but Bron Breakker has the last word

The WWE NXT episode that aired on October 11 focused on developing the essential stories for the upcoming NXT Halloween Havoc event. With the premium live broadcast on the horizon, various clashes and rivalries saw their initiation in this episode.

Pretty Deadly are still the NXT Tag Team Champions, but their new opponents are on the way. The No. 1 contenders would be Edris Enofé and Malik Blade, Josh Briggs and Brook Jensen, and The Dyad backed by Joe Gacy. The Best-of-Three Drama Series between Nathan Frazer and Axiom would be over, and the winner would fight in the NXT North American Championship Ladder Match.

Here are the full highlights of WWE NXT’s action-packed match card:

Singles Match: Javier Bernal vs. Bron Breakker

Before moving on to commentary, JD McDonagh whispered in Javier Bernal’s ear as he approached the ring. Bron Breakker sweated before planting Big Body Javy with a Military Press Powerslam, so neither strategy worked.

Breakker controlled the match and won it easily. McDonagh kept getting into the heads of his Halloween Havoc opponents.

Ladder Match Qualification: Axiom vs. Nathan Frazer

Axiom and Nathan Frazer faced off in their final best-of-three match of the series. The superhero caught Axiom with a knee to the face after trading vicious superkicks. Frazer set him up for a surprising three as Axiom went for his finisher. Axiom was defeated by Frazer in a thrilling match.

Singles Match: Valentina Feroz vs. Indi Hartwell

Valentina Feroz was fired up for this quick fight, but she couldn’t beat her seasoned opponent. After high octane action, Indi Hartwell won the match with a ferocious superplex that laid Valentina flat on the mat. Hartwell continued her march as one of NXT’s strongest female wrestlers.

Title contender match #1: The Dyad vs. Enofé and Blade vs. Briggs and Jensen

Pretty Deadly was positioned in the ring, cheering on the wrestlers and watching three teams battle it out for an NXT Tag Team Title. Early on, Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen were rolling like the tide, with a moonsault from Brooks Jensen wiping out the other opponents outside the ring.

With The Dyad reeling, Joe Gacy attempted to enter the fight, only to find himself facing the charge from Cameron Grimes, who foiled Schism’s grand plan by setting up Malik Blade and Edris Enofe for the surprising victory.

Blade and Enofé won via pinfall against The Dyad, Briggs and Jensen to become the No. 1 contenders for the NXT Tag Team Titles.

Singles Match: Jacy Jayne vs. Alba Fyre

Alba Fyre is on a mission to destroy the toxic attraction, and she burned the aspirations of another member of the trio in the episode. Jacy Jayne fought bravely against the invincible Superstar, but a crushing Gory Bomb proved too much for her. As Fyre celebrated another victory over Toxic Attraction, band ace Sonya Deville helped launch a post-game assault on Fyre, which culminated in a demoralizing smash from Deville through the announce desk.

Singles Match: Thea Hail vs. Kiana James

Mr. Stone interrupted the game to tell Thea Hail not to embarrass her. While being chastised in the press for his actions, the distraction allowed Kiana James to flee with the 401K. Given James’ ringside issues; it’s probably best to keep his matches brief for now. She won against NXT’s youngest star when Hail got distracted, setting the stage for a possible future rematch.

Main Event: Ilja Dragunov vs. Grayson Waller

Ilja Dragunov was on her way home for the night, but an altercation with a loud-mouthed Grayson Waller persuaded him to stay for the rest of the night. Waller waited for his chance to land a cheap shot that momentarily downed his opponent and allowed him to mock new NXT announcer Booker T.

A mysterious spin of the wheel, on the other hand, would grab Waller’s attention and set Dragunov up for a devastating torpedo to end the game. With Dragunov gone, Breakker appeared and appeared to deliver one last spear to one of his Halloween rivals Havoc to end the night on NXT.

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