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Bank of America is running a credit card promotion called “More Rewards Day” on Saturday 11/5/22. Depending on your type of BofA credit card (consumer and business), you can earn a 2% extra cash back or 2 points or miles/$1 spent on purchases made on 5/11/22 only. Yes, this is in addition to the rewards you already earn. No registration required.

  • Credit cards with cashback. Earn an extra 2% cash back on purchases made on 11/5/22.
  • Rewards Points credit cards. Earn 2 additional points for every $1 spent on purchases on 11/5/22.
  • Miles Rewards credit cards. Earn 2 additional miles for every $1 spent on purchases on 11/05/22.
  • Non-rewards credit cards and all other rewards credit cards. Earn 2% cash back as a statement credit on purchases made on 5/11/22.

Thanks reader Bill for the tip, because even though I regularly use my BofA credit cards for personal AND business and am part of their Preferred Rewards program, I was not made aware of this offer.

This is a great promotion that would work well if (1) you have a good BofA Rewards card, (2) you have the Preferred Rewards boost, (3) you have large purchases planned in one of your custom bonus categories, or just any large purchase, and (4) this is the type of purchase that is released on the same day (sometimes you aren’t charged until something is shipped). Your total cashback on 11/05/22 could be 4.6% or more. Some possibilities:

  • Pay estimated income taxes on for only 1.87% fee.
  • Prepay your insurance premiums for the whole year. The My State Farm Monthly Bulk Invoice can also be timed using manual payment.
  • Pay your utilities in advance if possible. Sometimes payment by credit card only costs a one-time fee.
  • Make your annual charitable contributions on 11/5/22 this year.
  • Gasoline, Online Shopping, Restaurants, Travel, Pharmacy, or Home Improvement and Furnishings are choices for your category 3% for the BofA Personalized Charge Card = up to 5.25% with preferred rewards = 7.25% total cash back with this promotion. You can change your category this month in the app, then max out your $2,500 quarterly limit using gift cards on Amazon (online shopping), Home Depot (home improvement), and more.

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