A Bridget Jones follow-up could be on the cards, teases Renée Zellweger

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  • She’s been on quite a trip

    Bridget Jones The film first hit the big screen in 2001 and saw a number of released follow-ups.

    Now, 21 years after the first film, a fourth film is reportedly in the works with Renée Zellweger tipped to reprise her role as the titular character – and with a son.

    We’ve long followed Bridget on her journey through life, following her relationship struggles and her career, which are based on the novels of the same name.

    The next episode will see Bridget navigate motherhood, after Bridget Jones’ baby saw her learn of her pregnancy and her attempts to find out who the father was, though the sequel almost never happened.

    A source said The sun the producers worked on the next film “in secret”. Although some naysayers believe the popular rom-com was over, the filmmakers insisted it was possible to continue the journalist’s journey.

    The insider said: “There have been few romantic comedies more successful or more popular than Bridget Jones over the past two decades, but everyone thought this one was done for good.

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