Car loan payment note – Info and links

If you are buying a new or used car, you may need to take out a car loan to finance this. After all, there are often large costs involved when buying a car. If you have one or more payment notes then there is a great risk that it has stopped you earlier from buying the car you want.

But you do not have to be worried as there are opportunities for you who have a healthy economy despite the complaints to get a car loan despite the payment note.

Payment note when seeking a car loan

Payment note when seeking a car loan

Payment remarks are somewhat common in Sweden. There are data that say that as many as about 15% of the population in the country have one or more payment notes. Then, a payment note does not have to be a sign that you have a bad economy at the moment as you can either have gained control of the economy after you got the note or maybe you got them solely due to carelessness.

Historically, however, it has been difficult to get a car loan when you have a payment note. Not only has it been difficult to get a car loan, but it has been difficult to get all types of loans when you have had payment notes in the past. Nowadays, there are nice enough opportunities for you now.

How does it happen?


The classic banks check your credit rating and quickly find out that there are payment notes, which means they say no immediately. The lenders who lend money to car loans despite payment remarks do another type of credit check where they rate the entire economy.

The payment note here will have a negative impact but it does not disqualify you but can be offset by positive financial stuff like solid work. If the end result of this credit check is positive you will have to take a car loan. It is important to note that there are no guarantees at all, but a good economy is otherwise required, which means jobs, not excessive debts, etc.