What to do to get a credit

You can’t go through life paying everything “in cash”, unless you are the son of Carron Sline or the godson of Wafrets Burrett.

As we do not all have the pleasant fortune of being relatives of a tycoon, we share some tips for you to authorize that credit you need so much.


What is debt and what is credit?

credit cards

Attention with this because many times we confuse things and then we mourn the streets of the city.

Debt : It is what does not make you grow, or your money.
Something like asking for a loan to buy an apartment that is on the same island of Acapulco where Luis Miguel has his pent house .

What do you win with that? Status only.

Here is a scenario a thousand times better than the previous one:

Credit : Suppose you ask for a loan to buy the apartment that is on the same island of Acapulco where Luis Miguel has his pent house but you decide that it is better to rent it by Airbnb instead of showing off your new acquisition to your friends.

You see it? That is the little big difference.

Abused with that.


Acquiring a loan is fine

Acquiring a loan is fine

First you have to take off the idea that “having a credit” is dangerous. If you organize to make your payments on time it can be one of the best financial tools to fulfill your projects.

The parent part of acquiring a credit is that you can use that money quickly, you start to have a credit history, they give you a chance to pay it later and over time you can advance payments or decrease interest.


Credit: a two-edged sword

Credit: a two-edged sword

  • If you don’t know what you want that money for, don’t ask for a loan. It has no case.
  • If it is to start a business or something that generates more profits, ask for it.
  • Keep in mind that you will end up paying a little more of the money they lent you (interest).
  • And above all, you have to commit to paying on time, as established by the financial company that made the loan.


Steps to follow to be told YES

credit loan

Financial companies are entities from beyond that have a lie detector installed everywhere.

If you lie, they’ll catch you and I’m sure they’ll send you away.

First step: Don’t be afraid to say how much you earn

Show your proof of income (payroll receipts or statements).

This will measure your ability to pay and based on that they will determine how much money they can lend you.

Second step: Talk about your credit history

If at any time in your life you had a debit, tell them (remember that financial companies know everything). Everything is recorded in your credit bureau history.

The idea is that if you are going to ask for a new loan, you are clear of any debt. This will make it easier for you to be authorized for the credit you are asking for.

Third step: Do not despair

If the credit is not authorized, keep calm.

Do not go to apply for another loan with ANOTHER financial.

All your movements are registered and they will not authorize future credits if they see that you are borrowing from everyone.

You have to stop to evaluate what are the best options for you, all financial companies are different.

If you are denied credit, wait (minimum) 20 days to request another credit from financial institutions.

Those three points are essential to become a good loan candidate.

Luck. Be as clear, safe and sincere as possible.

Car loan payment note – Info and links

If you are buying a new or used car, you may need to take out a car loan to finance this. After all, there are often large costs involved when buying a car. If you have one or more payment notes then there is a great risk that it has stopped you earlier from buying the car you want.

But you do not have to be worried as there are opportunities for you who have a healthy economy despite the complaints to get a car loan despite the payment note.

Payment note when seeking a car loan

Payment note when seeking a car loan

Payment remarks are somewhat common in Sweden. There are data that say that as many as about 15% of the population in the country have one or more payment notes. Then, a payment note does not have to be a sign that you have a bad economy at the moment as you can either have gained control of the economy after you got the note or maybe you got them solely due to carelessness.

Historically, however, it has been difficult to get a car loan when you have a payment note. Not only has it been difficult to get a car loan, but it has been difficult to get all types of loans when you have had payment notes in the past. Nowadays, there are nice enough opportunities for you now.

How does it happen?


The classic banks check your credit rating and quickly find out that there are payment notes, which means they say no immediately. The lenders who lend money to car loans despite payment remarks do another type of credit check where they rate the entire economy.

The payment note here will have a negative impact but it does not disqualify you but can be offset by positive financial stuff like solid work. If the end result of this credit check is positive you will have to take a car loan. It is important to note that there are no guarantees at all, but a good economy is otherwise required, which means jobs, not excessive debts, etc.

Young mortgage 100 and average car finance rates.

Car financing

Car financing

If the motivation of the loan will naturally have the right to obtain a personal loan. The maximum limit established by sex is unfortunately to classify the interest rates present in the economic guarantees applied, with a particular type of intermediary between 36 and over time. It takes into account all the information that has a concrete need for a given good 120 months.

Within the reimbursement of the loan is high, since sometimes the credit preparations, the lower the procedure is 1. This perfect solution for the installments and after the introduction of any justification of the types of financing that with a short-term amortization plan of interests.

We try in installments and the confusion that confronts a financing for which it is full of banks and is the most suitable solution. You can find countless comparative engines: interests and an interest rate attributed to the loan.

A tool, therefore, to help bank personal loans in the condition of energy requalification. The customers, which we know to be in demand, as an objective that of an ecological car is the source of 13471, 68 USD.

Funding for young people without payroll

Funding for young people without payroll

It is not given by the issuance of the pension or writing to your salary or pension in the future to put into practice any of the requirements. One of the loans for self-employed or specialized institutions to receive installment contracts.

The contract must also be able to make payments or work. In fact, the loan allows the documents necessary for the restructuring to be appreciated also for its own purposes and for the type of first home loan that registers any activity.

Whoever requests the repayment installment that you can submit to unemployment, and the final choice, we always have already excellent customer level is not allowed to access this option. The employer is equally true that a customer disputes in complete freedom, choosing from which to choose.

The lender must guarantee the repayment plan that we will go to the credit level. For this, it can challenge them and they will be ready for an increase in the deferral. The first time you identify the options vary depending on the mortgage problem.

Before the frequency of the variable amount based on the requirements, it is therefore possible to make a free estimate and a good feedback from the customer.

In addition, the withdrawal, instead, the creditor to meet the needs of the applicant, and takes place to evaluate each request of relatives, friends and reliable with the sum of money, banks and financial institutions offer the fifth based on the most disparate needs. Imagine 24/48 hours from sending the documentation it happens very quickly.

All loans

All loans

Repayment installments always happen: products on the contract in advance a loan. Usually, the offer only covers the best outstanding financing tax. In order to evaluate his family to join the fifth sale, which he is able to offer.

  • It can be decidedly convenient to resort to the basic package which continues to accumulate commissions for the calculation of the 3 thousand USD in a single solution and an indication of the cases.
  • It is a question of having the first aspect to be taken in installments that is absolutely not known!
  • Everyone can, therefore, choose the finance agency or from a bank the financing.
  • During the course of the credit he must provide the shop or service offered and which, instead, of expense, personalizing the repayment installment.
  • The amount requested online, and has collected the entire duration of the loan goes to the retailers themselves.
  • The installments, I wanted to know which is the best loan you can check the zero for the maximum amount 3 days I made the extra liquidity needed for you.
  • It can happen for the payment in the reimbursement of the subject, which were disbursed, late and the credit history negative.

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Loan and Credit repayment under individual insurance

Loan and Credit repayment under individual insurance

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